Minimum of 60 mil thickness is recommended to control the spread of bamboo. Bamboo Barrier is a diversion type control method with a smooth surface on the side facing your bamboo planting. A trench or hole is dug and the barrier is placed inside. The bottom is left open to allow water to drain. Barrier is slightly closer to the bamboo at bottom and angles outward toward ground level. This slight slope encourage growth to turn upward. The slick side of the barrier is facing the bamboo planting area to assist in this effort. The bamboo is planted inside the barrier to control the bamboo. For exclusion of bamboo, the barrier is position as an underground fence to limit the expansion of bamboo. The polyethylene barrier has been made from recyclable post industrial regrind material when possible. Plastic thinner than 30 mil has been shown to crack when ground temperatures 24 inches deep get below -15 degrees F. This would be extremely cold and the thickness greater than 30 mil does great at handling very cold temperatures without damage. The plastic barrier has a better chance not cracking when frozen like other materials. This material can also be effect in protecting hardscapes, foundations, and landscapes in control subterranean water movement.

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